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Thread: Generating variable frequency square waves
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Mike Harrison wrote:

>>With 10Mhz xtal, you can get 2.500 Mhz down to 600 hz - it obviously
>>scales by xtal value. Frequency selections are a little "grainy"
>>on the high end - 2.5, 1.25, .8333, .625, .500, .4166, .357, .275,
>>.250, etc. However, rock-steady pulse generation.

>If by 'rock steady' you mean zero jitter, you can do this using timer
>interrupts, with Fosc/4 resolution.

By rock-steady, I meant it is generated in h.w., and once set,
doesn't even burp when any other s.w. is running. Just try generating
a 1 Mhz square-wave in s.w. simultaneous with RS-232 comms.

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