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Thread: Text to Speech engines - nice example
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These people offer what seems to be a capable and moderately well priced
text to speech engine. Reasonably compact and low power consumption.

Products include standalone board level products, chipsets, technology
licences and in PC cards.
Quality sounds acceptably good.
While arguably not as good as DEC Talk it is more easily accessible for
small scale use and cheaper.


Website includes demonstrations files and good product descriptions, manuals
and data sheets.

I am extremely interested in good quality well priced text to speech
solutions for disability applications. If anyone can point me to products of
similar or better capability to this one I would be most grateful.

Key factors include ability to generate understandable speech from unknown
text, price, range of voices, size, power consumption.

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seeking: microchip devices pic
<019401c04a45$f802b620$6df2a7cb@mkbs> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=text+speech+engines
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