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Thread: bandpass was [PIC]: The tintinnabulation of the noise
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At 12:29 PM 11/8/00 -0600, Lawrence Lile wrote:
>Hmmmm.... If you can do a low pass filter in software with such ease, what
>about a bandpass filter in software?  I have another project where I need to
>pick out a single frequency among a noisy signal, and I was dreading the
>extra $$$ involved in a bunch of tighly tuned analog filtering.

If you sample exactly X times per wave of the desired signal, and average
the signal into those X bytes in ram, then you'll end up with a copy of the
waveform (if it exists). The max and min values will be near zero if not.

How you average it in will set the bandwidth of the filter, and it's
response time.
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Subject (change) bandpass was [PIC]: The tintinnabulation of the noise

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