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Peter Wintulich wrote:
>There is a good option for building catipilar track base.
>Use timing belt inside out so the teeth are the tred. Some belts
>have a rubber backing that helps with power transfer from the drive.
>If the environment for the base to run on is clean then the belts could
>be driven from the touthed side.
>This is what I am planning for a K9 (DrWho) type robot dog.

Hi Peter,

Why not just put a K9 shell over top of an RC model car | truck
of some sort? What amazes me, from looking around many robo-sites,
is everybody has their own expensive platform with wheels. Most
are very top heavy and shaky, or just little warts with wheels.
All are incredibly expensive for what you get, and none of them
looks worth spit for mechanical worthiness.

OTOH, there are dozens of model cars with mobile frames already
built, and waiting for a good hacker to come along. Seems a good
choice would be a frame with powerful low-gearing and big wheels.

This one is pretty interesting, but lotsamoola $$$$$$$$:


Also, Robo-Dogs, Robo-Vacs, and Robo-Mowers are hitting the
markets - got a few links up on these:


Somebody musta done an R/C-Car-Robo-Hack. Seems so obvious.

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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