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Thread: How to control a motor
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Tom Handley wrote:
>   I'm also hacking a Radio Shack R/C car to turn it into a robot.

Tom, I have also been intrigued by this idea for a couple of years
- something for my "spare" time [which is why it hasn't got started yet].

Most of the robo-hacks I have run across on the web have horrendously
poor/flimsy mechanical platforms - like the Parallax thingies. I am
looking at this year's R/C Hummers as a sturdy platform - something
low-slung, slow-moving, and wide-track with large tires, plus a wide
flat body to mount microelectronics on [PIC, of course].

Do you have any good links to successful R/C car --> robot hacks?
I haven't had much luck in finding these.

best regards,
- dan michaels

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