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Thread: Robo-Dogs and Motor Control
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Tsvetan Usunov wrote:
>>Alternatively, there is the $39.95 Tekno-Robodog. The schematic
>>of the dog's brain is rather simple, and may be of interest to
>>those wanting to connect motors to a uC:
>interesting approach to use microphone as light sensor ;)

No doubt a typographic error.

Even more interesting, the dog's "voice" is made by simply
pulsing a BJT - looks like 4.5v hard into the base - to
direct drive a speaker -[shades of the IBM PC].

And it even has a clock chip. Why does a $39 plastic dog need
to tell the time? Hmmmm - wake up - it's 2AM and I wanna go
for a walk.

Still, all in all, I love the ckt - for its "minimalism".

- danM

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