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Thread: Robo-Dogs and Motor Control
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Mike Rigby-Jones wrote:

>> Alternatively, there is the $39.95 Tekno-Robodog. The schematic
>> of the dog's brain is rather simple, and may be of interest to
>> those wanting to connect motors to a uC:
>Hmm..must have based on my dogs brain if it's that simple.  And he takes
>after his master :o)

Well, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, Grey Walter got
his 1940 tortoises to perform pretty sophiticated behavior using
only one flip-flop neuron, so today's units should do a little


Interesting thing about the Tekno-RoboDog is, it has some kind of
builtin programmability and "learning" behavior. Looks like
you have to have one to be able to log onto the part of the
website that talks about this, however.

The motor controller schematic does look like a pretty
"classical" microcontroller ckt to me.

- danM

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