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Thread: Protege Hacking
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James Newton wrote:
>It doesn't look to me like it actually does hand writing recognition. Based
>on the picture at
>its just a "look a like" of the palmpilot with a pen for tapping on an "on
>screen" keypad. That is certainly not a graphics LCD in anyway. Might still
>be fun to buy and crack open. If you could reprogram it, it might be useful
>for a user interface.

I am certain it doesn't do HW recognition at $19.95, but
I also wonder how many people really uses their PPs for more
than what this jobber will do.

I suspect the LCD is hardwired/designed to perform only the
specific functions for this app, and will not so graphics,
but this thing does have touch screen input for data entry,
so ....... all in all, interesting at twice the price.

- danM

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