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Tony Nixon wrote:

>You're right, I only catered for about 470uF at present, but the PCB is
>still 'open' for awhile yet. I figured what I learnt at electronics
>school - 1000uF / amp (ball park).
>The final product will have the right choice and there is room for a
>bigger cap.

Obviously wasn't too clear to me exactly what was up, as I was only
looking at an unlabelled pcb layout. The cap spacing looked smaller
- but then I wasn't really sure which were the caps - [Olin's right
- see what happens when you don't include "all" the comments - he, he]

Let's see ---

I/C = dv/dt --> 1A/1000uF = 1000v/sec
     --> 1v/msec --> 20v/20msec, where 20msec = period of 50hz AC

[Check my math - it's too early in the morning]. It says, if you suck
1A out of a 1000uF cap over the period of your AC input, then Vcap
will drop 20v. Yes?

- dan

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