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Thread: Looking for uC suggestions
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David Blain wrote:

> This may be too expensive and I have not used it yet, but how about
> http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com
> It's about $11(USD) in 100's.

It is a bit too much. I looked at it but the local guy wanted US$20
with a MOQ of 100. Nothing like a little bit of markup.

Olin Lathrop wrote:

> Most microcontroller families have variants that can do external
> bus. You didn't say what this bus is for, instructions, data,
> general I/O?

I did forget to mention that. It's for data. Just a large blob of RAM
that I want to shuffle data around in fairly quickly.
Most micro external busses are mux'd and I'd like to avoid the space
of the latch & decoding logic.
A QFP uC and TSSOP ram is about the smallest footprint I can think
of to get 32k+ of ram to play in.

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