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Thread: switchmode rs232 line-powered power supply?
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BillW wrote:
>Surely with all of the specialized switching power supply chips out there,
>at least ONE of the manufactureds (or SOMEONE) has designed a switching
>power supply designed to get as much 3.3V or 5V current as possible
>"parasitically" from an rs232 port?  Does anyone know of such a design?

Not me, so instead I use the 766x series chips. 8-pins, 2 caps, and
up to 100 mA "non-parasitic" current available. You can find 7660 and
7662 at Mouser for $0.50-0.80US range. [just be sure to use a gnd plane
under the chip].

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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Subject (change) switchmode rs232 line-powered power supply?

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