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Thread: 8051 OTP VERSION - PROGRAM 32K
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Hummm...i'm waiting for quote of ATMEL...

My friend got for 20.000 pieces of 89C53(Atmel).. U$2,00 EACH...

Hummm, will be less expesive for WINBOND, because is OTP????


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Assunto: Re: [OT]: 8051 OTP VERSION - PROGRAM 32K

> I'm looking for a low cost OTP 8051 version that has 32K of EPROM...
> Who has? Temic? Philips?
> Miguel

Try the Winbond W78E58 with 32K Flash. Cost me NZ$14 in small
quantities (~US$7). Compatible with 52, plus ability to turn off ALE
and 4 more port lines in the PLCC package. Great chip, although I
have had some difficulty getting the oscillator to work with
1.8432MHz crystals.

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