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The political discussion wasn't getting as personal and my experience has
been that they are typically not as damaging as religious flames.

If you are looking for places that I've been inconsistent, don't forget my
sticking up for a religious reference made regarding the passing of a loved

I'm always open to suggestions or criticisms of my actions. Drop me a line.
I'm very thick skinned... usually...

I do want to ask that people direct criticisms of other list members to me
rather than posting against one another publicly on the list. Praise in
public, criticize in private. Please. Thank you.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
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Bizarre to get an absolutely immediate personal warning from JN!  He must
have some Echelon filters set up (or be out of work right now).

I'd like to state for the record (without using any disallowed words), that
because I said that an apple was red DOESN'T mean I think all apples are
red!  I'm a type of fruit myself.  But I'm also a technologist and I
understand the need for, and endorse, the separation of fruit and state

In all seriousness, my comments were directed at the inappropriateness of
the presentation of biased opinion masquerading as objective reporting.
That's all.  All slurs toward anyone else retracted!  And frankly I think
the prohibition aginst discussion of "apples" on the list is a good one and
I'm sorry I commented.

But why didn't the messages from on high come down when everyone was getting
all hot under the collar about politics recently?

Bruce Cannon
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