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Thread: Analog help needed
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AndyK wrote:
>I need to measure individual cell voltage in a set of batteries.  The
entire set
>may have 70V from one end to the other, but I need to measure the 6-18V in each
>In the picture below, I need to know the deltas between A & B, B & C, C &
D, D &
>E, etc.
>The difference can range from 6 to 18V, with up to 70V between A & E (of course
>this is simplified a bit).
>How do I get all these things into a PIC?

Why not something simple like five identical 14:1 voltage dividers
referenced to gnd, and feeding into 5 PIC A/D channels? Use 12-bit
A/D chip if high accuracy is needed.

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