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Tony Nixon wrote:

>> Sounds difficult to achieve total versatility, in being able to
>> handle virtually "any" app board operating over full Vcc range.
>CUMP can do it - kidding ;-)


>The data pin (RB7) has an input circuit as well, so it can be read.
>I tested the circuit over a 1 meter cable length and all seems ok.

You might check that whatever driver you are using to read back
RB7 will work properly when the target Vcc is set down near 2v.
Std logic like TTL or HC is not gonna work there. Adding a simple
BJT inverter would probably be ok, I would imagine.

>According to the ICSP sheet mentioned above, RB6/RB7 'may' need
>isolation depending on the target circuit connections. If that's the
>case then my circuit should work. As you mention, you can't hope to
>please everyone.

Obviously, the target board design people wanting to do ICSP have
to be cognizant of the relevant issues, and design their boards
accordingly. Publishing the reqs with your programmer will help
guarantee compatibility.

best regards,
- danM

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