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Thread: Animation program/Windoze Stability
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>Just like there are people out there with Pintos that have 150,000 miles on

I had 135K on mine when I sold it.  The engine and transmission were pulled from
a beat-up body - I had (my one and only) accident sliding into a guard rail on
ice.  Put it back together in a week, drove it until the rust made it obvious it
would never pass safety inspection again.  Of course, having the driver's door
bolted shut didn't help either ...

Had over 250K on my Honda Civic (1976, 1200cc engine) when I got rid of it.
Body had more orange rust than blue paint.  Engine was given to a boat racer.

My 1981 Rabbit has > 200K miles on it.  I know this because the odometer, which
didn't work when I bought it, says 67K and I've easily put 130K on in the 5
years I've had it in my stable.  Just put a new front end in it (mechanicals)
and expect another 5 years at least.  The engine is needing a rebuild, but
otherwise this thing is pretty good.  Only a couple spots of rust - that Rusty
Jones treatment the original owner had sure worked great!


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