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Thread: looking for TLO72 and / or TLO82 datasheet...
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Dave VanHorn wrote:
>>OK, but after you get the datasheet, use an LF353 or LF412 instead.
>>All 3 look very similar, and TL082 looks "identical" to LF353 on the
>>d/s, but the LFxxx parts work vastly better at higher frequencies,
>>in my experience.
>Sometimes that's a minus.
>Like my current project, where I have to buffer a 10mV signal cleanly,
>while sitting two inches away from an antenna radiating 6W 5mS pulses at
>915 MHz.
>I had to select for the slowest fet "precision" op-amp in order to supress
>the EMI from direct rectification in the chip itself.
>Layout already handled, impedances as low as possible....

[good to hear from you, Dave, but durn it, that's that same box
you were working on 6 months ago - don't you have it fixed yet?
--> just KIDDING].

But seriously - if you are working with signals faster than slow
mud, then the LFxxx chips are fairly good up to about 1 Mhz. For
better performance in this same range, try the TLE2072/2082 from
TI. There are also a lot of dual opamps with GBW [gain bandwidth]
much faster - 20-70 Mhz, but they take more care when dealing with.

- danM

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Subject (change) looking for TLO72 and / or TLO82 datasheet...

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