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Thread: producing front panels
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> Hi all-
> This is a very timely topic for me as I need to do this right now. -
> Wondering if anyone has a good way to print a circular format for a pot on
> front panel??

270 degrees, usually.

> Also, what's the best way to print a mirror image -egami rorrim  - no that
> doesn't work :-)

Mirror image?

Using PostScript - easy.
Save as PostScript using PS compatibile printer driver then use PSTools to
mirror (PSTools exist for Linux and are GPL, no knowledge if they are
compiled for Windows - you can do that with Cygnus compiler). After that use
GhostScript to render output. Metrics will be preserved (PostScript is
proffesionnal format and there is no way it screws up such things).

Using Windows - hard one.
If your application supports mirroring - select it (think Corel does).
Otherwise, go through PosttScript as suggested.
Fact is that Windows printing system is brain-dead (*most* of drivers do not
even support all system functions - PolygonFill method is example) and
sometimes it is even difficult to get proper metrics (trust me, I did have
lot of horror with that).

I rather use PostScript and then directly render for target printer with
GhostScript. Takes a lot of time and resources but results are excellent.

Jerko Golubovic

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