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Thread: producing front panels
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Peter Peres wrote:
>>Tried cyanoacrylate, by any chance?
>Of coarse. Bad idea. White fogging everywhere (hard to remove), cyano
>heats up tremendously when soaking into slightly humid paper or
>cellulose and causes the lamination to thicken at the edge.


Good to know about the fogging - I never liked that stuff anyways.
Better living thru chemistry.

We make labels by heat laminating laser printer output inside a
clear plastic pouch [std lam stuff, not sure what it's made of],
and would be nice to find something that would seal the label
edges after trimming.

Also, got any idea what glue sticks well to ABS plastic?
Been using GOOP, after trying many others, and like it a lot.
Not all that messy, sticks well, and you can easily bead up
and rub off any excess with your finger after gooping. Also,
doesn't "melt" the label or the ABS, like some.

Also, any experience painting ABS? Know of a good paint
for this material?

- Dan Michaels
Oricom Technologies

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