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Thread: producing front panels
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Ralph & Helene wrote:
>This is a very timely topic for me as I need to do this right now. -
>Wondering if anyone has a good way to print a circular format for a pot
>on a front panel??

>Also, what's the best way to print a mirror image -egami rorrim  - no
>that doesn't work :-)

Use a CAD program. Perhaps a free/evaluation one if this is a first time
project. I think that Win95 paint allows you to select and mirror a
bitmap. Potentiometer scales are best drawn using a CAD program using
sub-drawings (is this the proper name) and then doing a macro to rotate
and print the line at each required angle position. Lacking that, do it by
hand in a paint program. Draw the circle or sector then another outside it
and in the 2nd your tick marks. Then copy, paste, rotate, inscribe each
tick mark onto the empty circle. This takes a while ;-). You can also use
a programming language (even BASIC) to generate a Post Script image from
the maths. Post Script is the way to go here imho. It supports infinite
scaling and other goodies and it is very good at rotating text and


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