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Thread: producing front panels
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moshe wrote:
> Dear members.
> I'm looking for a good way -  to produce a front panels  to my homemade
> devices.
> I have a laser printer.
> Does anyone have experience with that problem.
> Thank you .
> Moses
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I have done them this way in the past.

Celcast ST300 adhesive backed photocopier film.
Print artwork on laser printer.
If you like, you can paint the face plate a bright colout like yellow or
lime green which gives the artwork a good contrast.
Print in negative (laser copier only) and the text becomes the bright
color on a matt black finish.
Line the artwork holes with the front panel holes and carefully stick
the film to the panel. Smooth out any air bubbles.
Fold about 1cm of the film over the edges and stick to the rear of the
Use a round needle file and pierce the film where the holes are and
lightly rub the file on the outer surface of the face plate holes to
remove the film at these points. This makes a neat hole without damaging
the film.

Best regards



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