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Thread: producing front panels
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At 09:11 AM 7/12/00 -0500, Lawrence wrote:
>I use the following methods:
>Print out a nice front panel on your laser printer or inkjet printer.  Cut
>it to size.
>Go to a drafting supply house and get some adhesive backed clear mylar.  You
>can also buy this stuff for +ACI-laminating+ACI- at art supply stores.
>Using a piece of stickyback mylar larger than your front panel label, stick
>it onto your project.  Drill holes where needed.
>It's mostly waterproof, smudge resistant, dirt resistant, and cheap+ACE-

Two other possibilities:

1. Print the outline directly on the mylar!

2. Print on Press-N-Peel, and iron the toner onto the front panel, similar
to making a PCB. (This method also works for "silkscreening" a PCB after

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