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Thread: 32bit binary to ASCII conversion
picon face BY : Bob Ammerman email (remove spam text)

There is a simple trick, outlined in the following pseudo-code for doing
this conversion:

ANSWER - an ascii decimal number - 10 digits
SOURCE - a 32-bit binary number

ANSWER <- '000000000'

for I = 1 to 32
   if high bit of SOURCE is set then
       ANSWER = ANSWER + 1
   end if

next i

Note that the arithmetic on 'ANSWER' is done directly on the ASCII
For example, to compute ANSWER + ANSWER:

carry = 0
for digit = 0 to 9
   temp = ANSWER[digit]+ANSWER[digit]+carry-'0'
   carry = 0
   if (temp > '9') then
      temp = temp - 10
      carry = 1
   end if
   ANSWER[digit] = ANSWER[digit]+ANSWER[diit
next digit

Bob Ammerman
RAm Systems
(high function, high performance, low-level software)

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