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Thread: Operation of PICs from low voltage
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Yup I had one running with no supply as well. I was watching
what happened to the output on a scope when I removed the battery
supply. The signal just kept on going! (way off freq and greatly
attenuated) but still measurable.


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One surprising experience I had was to find that the 16F84 would run
happily with a supply voltage of zero volts!, yes thats right zero volts,
on further inspection of the circuit I found that the 16F84 was leaching a
supply from the I/O pins (the external circuit was independently supplied)
Even though I have had years of experience with other microcontrollers the
PIC chip still surprises me with it's flexibility, robustness and other
unexpected qualities (I am amazed to hear that it will run down at 1V).


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=voltage
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