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Thread: Writing 16F84 EEPROM
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Hi .....lu01tsspamspamSTOPspamGMX.NET ,

I suggest the following:

(assuming You're in bank0)

    movlw   0x00
    movwf   EEDATA
    movwf   EEADR

This is why your code don't work, when You did it was in bank1.

|        bsf     STATUS,RP0

    bcf INTCON,GIE    ;to disable interrupts meanwhile the write is in

|        bsf     EECON1,WREN
|        movlw   0x55
|        movwf   EECON2
|        movlw   0xAA
|        movwf   EECON2
|        bsf     EECON1,WR

    bsf INTCON,GIE;         ;to enable the interrupts.

Remember that the write time is aprox. 10 ms.

Best Regards,


<001e01bfd0da$d0652240$f7315c9d@jamesmax> 7bit

See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=eeprom
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