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Thread: 20I vs 20 Question
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In the last few pages of the data sheet there is a page telling you the package

In this case, the I denotes industrial Temp specs.  The P denotes a plastic DIP
package, 20 is the max speed (MHz), and the A indicates that this chip uses die
revision A (the first revision after the original production version)

The lack of the I indicates a commercial temperature version.

I hope this helps!


"Clark, John" wrote:
> What is the difference between these two parts (i.e. what does the "I"
> denote)?  I suspect the package, but I can't find any information on it in
> the data sheets.
> 16F84A-20/P
> 16F84A-20I/P
> John Clark
> Indianapolis, IN

<393EB33E.6B0673AB@ubasics.com> 7bit

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