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Thread: Operation of PICs from low voltage
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At the old company, we were running PIC's @ 2V and below before anything was
spec'd that low.  The xtal oscillators were very finnicky(?), but the RC
would always get up and fly (pretty much it has too by design).  We did see
RAM problems when the processor was cold (<32F).  Basically, bits flipped on
their own accord.

Processors we were using were the C54, L84, and the LF84.  Had success with
all of these (>85% yield).  LV parts are what is standardized on now, 100%

LP oscillator leaves alot to be desired at 5 volts in term of startup,
wouldn't even try it at 2 volts!!!

Most parts listed above would fly down to 1.8V, but I would be nervous about
the bit flipping issue.

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