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Thread: Operation of PICs from low voltage
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Only experience I've had is running a PIC16F84 on two alkaline C cells at
4 MHz. Ran fine down to 2.6 or 2.7 volts, whereupon it had trouble
starting the oscillator, but I didn't spend any time tweaking the
oscillator, because by that time the batteries were low enough that the
rest of the circuit wanted fresh batteries(not pic-related).

This was crystal controlled, likely RC oscillator will run at lower
voltages with no tweaking just like your experience showed.

Also it was not the low-voltage part, don't know if there's any real
difference in silicon.

For those interested, it was a radio-controlled remote "talkback" switch
that generated MIDI for a Yamaha O2R mixer. I used a wireless doorbell and
disabled the boinger. Put a 16F84 in the receiver to generate MIDI note-on
and note-off(the Yamaha mixer accepted all sorts of commands through MIDI
and talkback was one of them). Then the "producer" got to hold the
doorbell button and could push it whenever he wanted to talk to the
"talent", saving him from having to ask the engineer to push the talkback
button on the mixer. heh. Birthday gift for my nephew the engineer.



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