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Thread: LCD Graphics Routines
picon face BY : Peter Betts email (remove spam text)

Having looked at Steve Lawther's web page on the T6963 LCD controller PIC
code I wondered if there was a web link anyone can give me that explains how
to generate graphics procedures. (Thanks to Steve, I'm about to try it out
on a 240*64 pixel Varitronix display)

Things like drawing circles, rotating line vectors say for creating a
virtual speedometer or rev counter?

With all the games code out there I'm sure there must be a concise web
location with mathematical methods/routines for doing quite complex graphic
front ends.

Oh... I realise Steve had some graphics routines in his PIC code but I'm
after maybe a more generic source of material explaining the most efficient
way to produce various graphical shapes and or vector/dot drawings

Anyone help?



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/lcd/pic.htm?key=lcd
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