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Thread: 'F87xx Config Programming
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Heinz Czychun wrote:
> Hi All,
>         Now that I've gotten one of the new Flash PIC chips (16F872), I
> wanted to program it. As indicated by an email by Jim Robertson, my WARP-3
> and MacPic will program the 'F872, by selecting the 'F84 as the chip to be
> programmed. But it cannot program all the bits in the config register, and
> I would like to put it into HVP mode to liberate RB3. So I looked at Tony
> Nixon's RomZap, and saw that it used the PICs special address and data
> registers to program the Flash Program Memory.

ROMzap can program the config word when you boot program a blank chip by
using the simple programmer interface.

I don't think you can program the config word internally.

Best regards



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