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Thread: ICD question
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<x-flowed>At 06:08 PM 6/6/00 -0300, you wrote:
>If you check the "erase all before programming" box
>the ICD will write just your code and the debug code.
>It's much faster!
>Friendly Regards
>Octavio Nogueira

While this is true, I don't think this is what Phillip meant.  The ICD
doesn't write to blank locations when you check "erase all before
programming", but it writes all the locations in your program whether the
bytes have been changed or not.  It takes a lot longer to write a byte than
to read it, so this slows things down a lot.  From what I've heard, the
PicStart Plus does the same thing.   Except when working with 16F87X parts,
I use an old ITU programmer.  The software that came with it does this same
thing... writes every location that has program in it whether it has
changed or not.  Instead, I'm using the command line program PP.  It only
writes to locations that have changed.  Generally, when I'm debugging code,
it will write my changes into the chip in under 2 seconds.  Having been
spoiled by this, using the ICD is a bit of a pain.

John Hansen


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