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Thread: Frequency Scaling - remapping
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> There are chips (which are less expensive) which do frequency
> scaling for you.

Are there? Do you have any part numbers?

> Is there a special reason why this must be done in PIC (aside
> from learning
> about the PIC, which is a very good reason)?

Mainly to learn from it and to expand the features in the future would be
easier in SW. O.K. I admit.. sounded like a good idea to try a multitude of
elements of PIC design out on.

> Assuming you are using a 16f84, there is an input to a
> counter on it which
> allows you to count pulses as well.  You may want to look into this.

Yes I've used the 12C508, the 16F84 and now starting to use the 16F873
I used the sampling method of data capture, you're suggesting having a known
capture period and counting the number of pulses during that period?

> The jitter depends on your program.  If you can show us the
> program we might be
> able to point it out.  Otherwise we can give general ideas,
> but nothing
> specific.

It's at home so I'll bring it in tomorrow. Thanks.

> Is the ratio input/ouput set, or are you trying to change it
> while it is
> operating?  What is the ratio range (ie, 1:256 - 1:1)?  What
> is the highest
> frequency you are likely to use?

To have a fixed MAP in EEROM or RAM and use this to scale the input.

Range would be max 4:1 to 1:4, so it can increase or decrease.



ps. Hi Scott, hope you are well. Still at Plantronics I see. You must be a
manager by now ;-)


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devices.htm?key=pic
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