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Sounds like a load cell arrangement might be better suited, anyway. I used to
work on equipment in animal feed plants and I know how dirty/dusty equipment
gets - especially optical devices. We used to have no end of trouble with
optical encoders with dodgy covers / plant workers removing them and not putting
them back.

Are load cell prices prohibative ?


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Subject:  [PIC] and [OT]  Measuring weight using TSL214 with a PIC

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Hi all
   I am using a PIC to measure the weight of a small animal feeder.
Currently the feeder is hanging from a spring and I'm trying to measure the
change in height as the feeder empties.  Feeder weighs no more than a couple
of kilograms and the amount of feed delivered is in the order of 100 grams -
so I need to detect approx 0-100 gram change.  the feeder rises approx 1 cm
from full to empty...

I am using a linear pixel array (TSL214,  64 photocells in a line ) mounted
next to the feeder and using that to determine the feeders position.  The
problem is, I'm not sure that the PIC is reading the whole array,  it seems
to be just reading the first pixel 64 times!  Has anybody used the TSL214
(linear pixel array) from TI?

Does anybody have any other ideas?  I'm also thinking along the lines of
making a load cell using foil strain gauges...  but the engineering required
may be too expensive/complex   ( I need to make about 20 of these! )


Rob Bakker

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