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Thread: 16F84 - query re operation at low voltages
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Hi Russell,

I have run various standard PICS at very low and varying unstable voltage sources reliably down to 2v
drawing uA. The only problem is startup. (that is assuming your supply is 0v and slowly rising to say 2v
the pic will lock up) So I added a little start up delay cct which works fine. The pic is usually in the sleep mode
but wakes up now and then to do its job then goes back to sleep. The entire cct draws a few uA (average)
and can run off ac or dc from  a few volts to hundreds of volts.



>Based on actual experience. - What is the lowest Vdd at which a 16F84 will
>operate (including occasional EEROM read/write) reliably using an RC clock
>at about 1 MHz?
>       Russell McMahon


See also: www.piclist.com/techref/power.htm?key=voltage
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