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Thread: Paralell port powered little device.
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On Mon, 5 Jun 2000, Edson Brusque wrote:

>     Take power from the keyboard connector seens to be the option. I could
> make an adapter using a pair of din connectors and take the signals from pin
> 4 (GND) and pin 5 (+5VDC/VCC) to power my little gadget. What about using a
> pair of resistors (say, 47R)in series with the GND and VCC to limit the
> current in case of short-circuit?

You definitely do want to limit the current.  Most system boards have a
picofuse on the keyboard Vcc line.  If you draw too much, you blow the
fuse -- which results in what appears to the consumer as a dead
motherboard.  Not a nice thing for anyone concerned.  Yeah, a techie can
find & replace the fuse, but not Joe Average.

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