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Thread: Paralell port powered little device.
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> Edson Brusque wrote:
> > Hello all,
> >
> > Arthur Brown wrote:
> > >Why not take the power from the keyboard conecter or a games port
> > >40Ma from the printerPort is not easy to do, as some motherboards use
> > >collecter outputs if you reduce your Ma request you could take a small
> > >voltage from unused datapins at the lower ttl high voltage.
> >
> >     Take power from the keyboard connector seens to be the option. I
> > make an adapter using a pair of din connectors and take the signals from
> > 4 (GND) and pin 5 (+5VDC/VCC) to power my little gadget. What about
using a
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Of course, at 0.5A, your 10R resistor will end up dissipating 2.5W, which is
quite enough to turn a 1/4W (and probably even a 1/2W) resistor into a fuse!
You might be better off with an actual low-current fuse or polyswitch

Bob Ammerman
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>   Mark

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