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Thread: [PIC]: How to measure level of liquids and sense
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Why not just use a float in a tube connected to an indexed rotary
encoder.  Counterbalance the float to a spring on the shaft of the
encoder, so that the float will extend the length of the tube unless
liquid is present.  Or instead of a spring, just counterbalance with
another weight.

Then just read the gray code.  Some of them even come with their own
counter and SPI interface, making it even easier to connect to a pic.
I'm using a unit that has 4096 transitions per revolution and there
are standard models that do 16384, so resolution certainly shouldn't
be an issue.

See http://www.opticalencoder.com for rotaries that might work for ya.

No Bernoulli issues, no ADC noise problems, no lookup tables, no calcs,
no plating, or liquid specific issues....


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