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Thread: How to control a dumb LCD
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Direct LCD drive with a PIC is real easy.
Attached one output pin to the LCD common. Drive the LCD segment inputs
with more PIC outputs. Setup an interrupt to run at about 50 hz. At each
switch (invert) the common state and the segment states.
Make the segments you want on, the opposite of the common state.
The segments you don't want on, make them the same as the common state.
This will give you AC across all the LCD segments, lighting the ones you

For 2:1 or 3:1 multiplexing put a resistor divider across the commons. For a
drive it high, for a low, drive low, for a mid voltage (2.5 typ), make the
an input.

With a 16C62 and 22 I/O's, you can direct drive a 3:1 mux LCD with up to 57

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