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Thread: SSP I2C Problems
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   I am attempting to write to a 24C32 serial eeprom, using the SSP I2C
configured for master mode. Without ANY success. The eeprom does not seem to
be acknowledging, so the pic hangsup while waiting for it. I am pulling my
hair out over this (not much left anyway!). I setup everything according to
the datasheets and even used the macro's from the PIC list site (no luck!).
The code is attached. Any info on this would be helpful, there is very
little info on the net or anywhere alse for that matter. The datasheets and
mid-range reference are sparce in their information (WHO writes these
things?). I can get the eeprom working with bit-banging the I2C bus, so I
know my hardware is OK, (pullups and such). I know I am missing something
stupidly simple, but cannot for the life of me see what.

                                       Thanks guys


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/i2cs.htm?key=i2c
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