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Thread: Small cheap analog panel meters; Solar cells?
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Looking for about a dozen little rectangular analog panel meters, say
0-100mA or ??? (Will settle for anything I can shunt that'll work.)  A
scale isn't needed, just something I can see a rough idea of the current
on (0% - 100%)  Cheap is good.  I've been looking and must be missing

Looking for a better deal than $10/Watt source of solar cells.  Getting
tired on my 486/586 palmtops, of being held captive by the power cord -
I can cope with scads of tiny cells or larger panels, need to have about
75+ watts worth eventually; some can be small, some have to be larger.
(A source of those cells off small solar-powered calculators would be
nice for some projects - top up batt's on a PIC project daily.)

Replies off-list are probably best.  I'll dump a list of applicable
links to the list if enough people request it, after I find these <G>
(Or maybe to piclist.com.)


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/io/atod.htm?key=analog
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