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Thread: picprog & ludipipo programmer
face BY : John De Villiers email (remove spam text)

The schematics i have of the lidipipo programmer doesnt mention 16f84
although it does mention 16c84. Can this programmer handle the 16F84 as well

The software the i found for this programmer ( picprog v 0.6 by Tord
Anderson); is this the lastest and greatest and does it work for a 16F84 as
well ???

I have scoured the web for diy programmers and found many of them /
including many various versions of the same one, some of them years apart.
This makes it difficult trying to match programmers versions with software

What im looking for :
Serial port Programmer ( my parr. port has two devices on it already )
Windows 98 or compatible programming software
Simple simple simple programmer hardware

Oh, and the software should preferably be free.

I was considering getting the pic 'N poke range of hardware, but that was
before the exchange rate went belly up. in the mean time i need to program a
few f84's without spending a fortune on it.

Any suggestions ?



See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/devprogs.htm?key=programmer
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