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Thread: [OT]: External SRAM on PIC (or AVR)
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My own mistake there, I misread the data sheet and thought they were
incompatible- the /OE and /RD are, in fact, the same thing.  I'm going to
have to overlap the internal and external memory, since I want to get as
much RAM on the device as I can.- I lose 608 RAM locations, Oh well...  I've
decided to use 2 32Kx8 parts- the address decoding is simple- just an
inverter.  Unfortunately the 62C256 only has a /CS input- some other SRAMS
(which either I can't get in time, or aren't fast enough) have both a /CS
and a CS, so the inverter would be unnecessary.  This design is low volume,
so having an extra gate is not a terrible thing.

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=sram
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Subject (change) [OT]: External SRAM on PIC (or AVR)

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