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Thread: [OT]: External SRAM on PIC (or AVR)
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I have found 128Kx8 SRAMs, or at least evidence of their existence, but I
can't seem to find any in stock (or at least with a <8 week delivery time).
I think I'm going to have to use 2 32K*8 SRAMs and use a little bit of
decoding logic.  Digikey has some Toshiba 128K parts in stock, but they
aren't fast enough to operate without a wait state (on the AVR).  Pioneer
appears to have some 62C256 parts from ISSI.  (for now)


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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/memory.htm?key=sram
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Subject (change) [OT]: External SRAM on PIC (or AVR)

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