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Thread: Digital Alarm Clock source code and schematics
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Microchip has got a chematic with code. Follow these links:

LCD Clock:

7SEG LED Clock on 32768Hz Crystal:

I want to mention that I am building a "CountDown" timer, and I use the
following method to acurately time the seconds:

1. I run the PIC from a 4.194304 MHz Crystal.
2. The PIC then performs 1048576 Instructions per second
3. I set up the Timer Overflow Interrupt with a prescaler of 16
4. The Timer Interrupt then occurs 256 times per second
5. My ISR Increments another counter I defined
6. When that counter overflows from 0xFF to 0X00 (and sets the carry bit), I
know exactly one second has passed, and I update my seconds, minutes, hours
counter accordingly and update the display.

Try this. I hope it helps

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/microchip/time.htm?key=clock
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