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Thread: Allowable ICD length
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Hello Anthony & PIC.ers,

My workshop pc is in a more-or-less fixed position, while the 16f877
target is a machine sitting outside under a car-port & weighs 250kg.
Definitely not mobile, that one.

I started by making a twp comms extension cable between the ICD and
16f877 header extension of  10.4 metres, knowing it was much longer
than I really needed.  It performed poorly, with many hang-ups, GPFs
etc., and was generally painful.
After halving the length to 5.2m it worked perfectly & I was still
*just* able to string it out to the target.

Hope this helps, as un-scientific as it is....

best regards,   John

PS  For the SI-challenged,          5.2 metres  =  17 foot and a wee bit.

>Date:    Wed, 31 May 2000 14:05:31 -0500
>From:    Anthony Clay <KILLspamzarthragspamspamINTCON.NET>
>Subject: Allowable ICD length
>I am about to start experimenting with this ICD Module today, after I'm
>with the documentation.  Concerning the "telephone cable" between the ICD
>and header, how long can it be?

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