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Thread: ,[PIC]: How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?
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Dan Michaels wrote:
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It'd depend on situation, around here on a cold day that wouldn't work
well though - if the temp's 55F and the water pours in at 55F, you would
need to rethink - in hotter climes, 55F vs. 80F, easy to see the
difference.  Worth a try some time when you have "spare time", that
elusive thing we never have enough of <G>  I wouldn't expect
self-heating from the thermistors to work in this situation, bet you
don't either;  power resistors are cheap and plentiful though <G>  (Bond
a 5W or so resistor inside the top of the tube, use polyurethane power
cable out the top, seal the ends with PVC cement goop after scratching
the cable to give you good bonding and then using that purple MEK stuff
to prep the cable?  Seems to work pretty well in past, IME.  Run say
1-2W into the resistor so it won't be over stressed.)

> >Good news is that you can use one larger PIC and run quite a few
> >thermistors simultaneously to get many data points simultaneously.
> >Sigma Delta code's not too hard to find <G>
> >
> For production stuff, I think most companies would want to go with
> as few parts as they could get away with --> costs, plus reliability
> issues.

Sure - So long as it works <G>

> - Dan

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Subject (change) ,[PIC]: How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?

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