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Thread: Truck tachometer
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>What about picking the fuel injector pulse? I was
>thinking in applying this to measure RPM and fuel

If it is a Diesel it's probably mechanical injected.  Only the lastest
diesel trucks have electroniclly controlled injection.  It may be possible
to read the mechanical injection pulses with a load cell on one of the
injection lines.  If it is a newer electroniclly controlled diesel then you
can probably find the RPM as serial data from the engine fuel computer.
The new Volvo trucks have a Motorola 68HC11 in the dash just to control the
gauges.  It appears a lot of info (RPM, speed, temp, oil pressure) is sent
as signal serial data stream to the dash. (But they still run hoses all the
way to the dash and have mechanical air pressure gauges!)

For low RPM engines (like diesel trucks) the alternator is not real bad
source for RPM.  Oldsmobile did it for years on their diesel cars. (not
saying that Oldsmobile did anything right with a diesel car! 0-60 in 32
seconds, those were the days...)



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