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Thread: ,[PIC]: How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?
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Mark  wrote:
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Yeah, that's pretty much what I had in mind. Although I am not a
thermal engineer, it seems to me there will generally be a temperature
difference between the fluid, now matter what it is, and the air
above it - due to thermal inertia - so a heater may not be required.
I'd have to try this to see how it would work. It might work with
3 thermistors this way - one at the bottom [in the fluid], one at the
top [out of the fluid], both of which act as references, and one in
between to do the actual weighted measurement - all bonded to the same
long tube.

>Good news is that you can use one larger PIC and run quite a few
>thermistors simultaneously to get many data points simultaneously.
>Sigma Delta code's not too hard to find <G>

For production stuff, I think most companies would want to go with
as few parts as they could get away with --> costs, plus reliability

- Dan


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Subject (change) ,[PIC]: How to measure level of liquids and sense relativehumidity?

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