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Thread: [EE]: School DAQ project
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As the description is not detailed, I try to guess some normal problems in
this type of work:
The strain gauge should be supplied with a reference voltage DC or AC of
high stability: if the voltage is the usual +5V and you use a bridge you
would have the output with 1/2 of the ripple existing in +5V.
As the signal you get is small, you should have the analog processing
(perhaps instrumentation amplifiers) near the sensor and have all the ground
connections mounted  in a star . It would be advisable to have a RC filter
with capacitors for high frequency and that  that means using ceramic. You
can filter again with active filters if necessary.
Near the input of the ADC again a small RC filter, and now you can occupy
the ADC ( 10 , 12 bit,... ?) converting all the time and take averages.


fernando teixeira

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