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I'm not a Linux guy yet - I do Dos though <G>  It's all LookOut
Express's fault, OK.  I can grok that!  <G>

The problem still exists though.  Obvious from the "Software test end"
over here, unfortunately.

An existing user starts a new thread.  He/She has the '[Other]' topic
turned off, having been on the list for months;  They're having a day
like my yesterday was.  It's NOT pretty.  They forget to put a valid
topic into the Subject line.

All newbies, all admins, all people on Digest mode and Index mode, get
to see the autoresponder's post that complains.  The "offender" doesn't
see anything, though.  An admin has to manually check each posters'
options with "Query Piclist for .....offenderspam_OUTspamisp.com" and see if they have
the Other option turned on?  Ack!  Well, we can do that if we have to,
it'd suck though.  Badly.

There has to be a better way.  I can make a Dos app that does this, run
it off a FreeWWWebs.Com account on an old spare 286.  Net-Tamer or
Arachne maybe.  Won't be instant to do that, though.  Does anyone on the
list have a better idea on this one?

James - Guess the one thing to do for now is get that 7k message stuffed
onto piclist.com and pass me a URL and I'll think on this.  I hadn't
considered the evil LookOut Expunger as I don't use that.

Mike, any ideas?


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